Will an Adult Filter Keep Your Kids From Wandering Along the Internet’s Underbelly?

Are you sure, as a parent, that you can do without an adult filter? Do you ever give any thought over to just how close our kids are to the slimy underbelly of the Internet World? That, as they go on their merry way, surfing the Internet looking for websites to help them finish their homework or just to visit with their friends for a while, just barely beneath them, paper thin and fragile, lurks the scum of cyberspace? How does it make you feel, knowing that your children are so close to danger, while you are in a nearby room watching Oprah or American Idol?This is a thin line, indeed. All you have to do — all your kids have to do — is sneeze just a little bit, and they could tear open a hole in this veil and let loose all the demons of the information superhighway. It is almost like an alternate world. Here, your children will suddenly find themselves trapped in a world governed by images at once both grotesque and degrading. They will be assailed upon their senses with pictures and ideas that they never knew existed, and that you wished they’d have kept that way. They have entered into a world you would hope they’d never find, and which, with the right adult filter, they never will.This is a world that no child or teen should have to see. It is bad enough that there is a serious problem in the offline world, where you can’t use an adult filter, regarding children and degradation and decay. It isn’t a problem that should only be tackled by the bible-verse spewing preachers on the street corner and at the pulpit. Nor should the attitude be one of “if I don’t see it, it isn’t a problem.” It is a problem if your kids see it, right? Now, unless you don’t mind your kids running away to live on the streets to live off the world’s oldest profession, and all the grime that clings to that lifestyle. Most respectable adults are not that way, and I know I can include you in that group. You need a good adult filter to prevent this.You have to decide that you are not going to sit “Idolly” by anymore, and let this garbage creep and ooze through that veil that protects your kids, to contaminate your home. You wouldn’t have to accept this taint in the real world, and you are certainly not going to put up with it in the cyber world. Time for you to invest in an adult filter.This is not an issue of eliminating pornography and other questionable content altogether, by using an adult filter. It is, after all, a free country and people have a right to suck up garbage into their minds if they want to. But you also have a right to protect your family. None of these sites of a questionable nature should be readily available to us, or our children, if we don’t want to see it. That is at the base of this issue, freedom to choose not to see it. An adult filter will give us this freedom.