How to Stop Hair Loss in Women

Women hair loss is always a very traumatic experience. Beauty in the form of long luxurious hair is something all women yearned for. When faced with the prospect of baldness, anxiety, depression and panic can set in.Unlike what most people think, there are many women who are affected by hair loss as much as men. In fact, statistics have shown than more than 3 million women have been found to suffer from thinning hair. 1 in 4 women one in four women face female pattern baldness.There are many causes for women losing their hair but it’s definitely not their fault. It’s not because of the constant brushing, combing or perming you did to your hair that causes you to lose the hair on your head. Instead, researchers have found that the main reason for hair loss in women can be attributed to hereditary, hormone imbalances and other women health problems like menopause. One of the main causes is Alopecia (or female pattern baldness).As a matter of fact, this hair loss disorder affects more than 95% of female hair loss.So what can you do to help regrow your hair and prevent further loss of hair? If you are a women who are totally hapless and not sure what to do, then these hair loss tips would be helpful for you.1. Eat more biotinBiotin is a nutrient that has significant impact on your hair follicles qualities. Try to take in more foods like brown rice, brewer’s yeast and eggs as these contains a high amount of biotin in them. Another way you can increase this nutrient in your body besides food intake is to consume biotin supplements.2. Horsetail SilicaHorsetail is derived from the paleozoic era. Its is plants herb that has been used for centuries to treat hair ailments. It contains a rich source of minerals that is good for hair growth such as potassium, silica and selenium.3. MinoxidilOne of the key ingredient when it comes treating hair loss is Minoxidil. It is the only FDA approved substance for hair re-growth in women. Available without prescription, this compound can stimulate hair growth and treat alopecia areata. It is most effective when used with other herbs like horsetail silica and para-amino benzoic acid.